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The most, and least degen project you'll ever be a part of.


DGNZ are not defined by degeneracy, but rather embrace what comes with it. The DGNZ are a community of 10,000 who know themselves to be brave enough to go all in on things others sign off on as lunacy because, well, it just might work. We are degens, not bullshitters. This project, while being a meme at face value (literally), is deeply rooted in uniting to evolve i-gaming, poker, and P2E through community development sprints and immediate value propositions. Lunacy? No. The DGNZ is a true utility driven project with exclusive confirmed partnerships with leading i-gaming companies, and with 10,000 strong, we like the odds.
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April 14th,2011 was a normal day for DGNZ. We woke up, cracked a morning beer, and hit the online poker streets to feed the bankroll for gambling later that day. It went perfect: a nice easy $215 bink for the day, and we were able to throw it all on the spread for the Stanley Cup playoffs that evening. April 15th, 2011 we woke up, hangover & down bad from the night before (Brains didn't fucking cover). As we go to crack the seal on our morning beer and log into ACR, we notice something strange. The site won't load... We head to AskJeeves to see what's going on and low and behold: the fuckin government and their tucked-in shirts have banned online poker. It is now the infamous black Friday, and we are living it brother.
What do we do, but take a heavy dose of copium, wash it down with our ice cold beer, and head to Miniclip to degen out on some bubble trouble or kitten cannon. But what in the holy fuck is this? The DGNZ wake up the nest morning under a pile of weird IPA bottles, and realize they spent $1,000 in in-game credits for literally nothing. We are fucking livid. With online poker no longer available and our bankrolls depleting from buying worthless gold coins, it's evident that we the DGNZ need a plan. We wash down another ice cold crispy boi for insurance purposes, and collectively say a prayer to the one true lort and savior, Sartoshi to bring us inspiration in our Benadryl dreams tonight.
The next day, the DGNZ are flicking feeling it! We hit the ground running with plans to build out the future of online poker and finesse the nits. It was only a matter of time before other DGNZ across the globe got into the government to finesse a change, and we were going to be ready for it like the goddamn Avengers. Not only that, but we have enough juice in the tank to also bring back old miniclip, this time in a degenerate fashion to where you can win and not just spend! Fast forward, and it is now May of 2022. The DGNZ have been building, and our magnum opus was ready to show to the world. The DGNZ is an NFT collection created for degenerates alike, with PFP art inspired by their lorts and saviors, sartoshi & umiak, utility inspired by old school Miniclip, and a poker platform that was groomed for the day that online poker was ready to be pushed into the next generation. The DGNZ is a love letter to the days of old, where the interne was an anonymous landscape of trolling and originality. We are here to bring those who are nostalgic to this time, a NFT project that has tangible utility, meaningful art, and a fully doxed team with a poker platform behind it to prove that NFTS are more than monke pictures.
We are DGNZ.
And remember: 1 Wo = 1 Jak.


  • Degen Dungeon open for Beta
    • IP ownership of games released to community
  • Release W3SOP (Web3 Series of Poker) governance to community
    • Continued events, in sponsorship with SOPO and
  • Release [REDACTED] metaverse lands to community wallet
  • Building Alpha
    • Weekly game-design / nft design seminars / development seminars exclusive to holders
    • Commence launchpad/accelerator to fund & guide internal community web3/nft ideas that  are innovative/disruptive and provide individual assistance to holders with development
  • Community Development Sprints Begins
  • DGNZDAO, which will initial operate as a think-tank, for:
    • (1) DEGEN DUNGEON [p2e]
    • (2) SOPO [p2e] - *see phase 2*
    • (3) Internal Launchpad/accelerator
  • Allowlist & discount to upcoming [REDACTED] project

Phase 2 (Q2/Q3)

  • Degen Dungeon LIVE: 42.069 ETH + [REDACTED] amount from [REDACTED] partnership deployed into community wallet for prizes
  • SoPo Community Development sprints added to the DGNZDAO
    • DGNZ community takes part in improvements, additions, and more to SoPo, including the development of in-app p2e poker game exclusively for DGNZ holders in partnership with [REDACTED], as well as helping define the structure of the next generation of online poker, together collectively.
  • Confirmed poker partnership with [REDACTED]
    • Exclusive token-gated tournaments, giveaways, & sweepstakes for holders
  • Confirmed streetwear partnership with [REDACTED]
  • Confirmed e-sports partnership with [REDACTED]

Phase 3 (Q3/Q4)

  • DGNZDAO officially structured
  • Holders receive [REDACTED]
  • Begin building [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]
  • Degen Dungeon Games integration for community monetization in pre-purchased land in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] metaverse
  • Official licensing for [REDACTED]
  • 3Dgnz for [REDACTED] metaverse casino partnership

Phase 4 (Q2-Q4)

  • Oh and…… MF’n Pepe2Earn?!?!
  • Kek

Phase 5 (Q1)